Published Work

‘The ultimate guide to planning an African safari’ Vencha Travel

‘The safest countries to visit on an African safari’ Vencha Travel

‘Travelers guide to the best Philippines diving’ iDive Blue

‘Killer whales are purposely mutilating great white sharks’ iDive Blue

‘Best of photography 2014’ Photographer’s Forum magazine

‘Death and Burial – Celebrating Life in Tana Toraja’ Booly Adventures

‘Wonderful West Papua’ Wild magazine Issue 144

‘Kora and kola nuts: discovering Mali’s Dogon Country’ Wayfare Magazine

‘Top 5 cultural wonders of Laos’ Look I Was There

‘The end of innocence’ Sydney Morning Herald

‘Where the desert meets the sea – exploring Egypt’s ancient cities and landscapes’ Look I Was There

‘Africa safari – which country to choose’ Look I Was There

‘Eight ways to experience Botswana’s magnificent Okavango Delta’ Look I was There

‘The lives of women – the black and white story’ Room magazine Issue 37.4

‘Where to go for Mountain Gorilla trekking – Uganda, Rwanda or the DRC’ Look I Was There

‘Five tips for exploring the ancient Bagan temples’ Look I Was There

‘Armed convoys and archipelagos’ Go Nomad

‘The top five African spots to ride waves and unearth wildlife’ Your African Safari

‘Morocco’s best beaches’ The Social Media Life

‘Five tips for the homesick business traveler’ The Social Media Life

‘8 ways to experience Inle Lake in Myanmar’ Look I Was There

‘The top five lodges to witness the great migration in Northern Serengeti’ Your African Safari

‘Travel portrait photography’ In the Know Traveler

‘Ultra wide-angle shooting’ In the Know Traveler

‘Waves, glaciers, streams and waterfalls: 11 mindblowing (and meditative) images of water’ EcoChick

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