Petra in the flesh

Ever since I first read about the hidden Nabatean city of Petra I wanted to visit Jordan. It’s rock-carved buildings appeared otherwordly and its surrounding landscapes dramatic and wild. With life about to transport me from North Africa back to Tasmania, I decided it was now or never.


El Deir, “The Monastery”

At the back of my mind I was worried that this UNESCO World Heritage Site wouldn’t live up to my expectations and would instead be an overcrowded tourist site, overflowing with souvenir vendors. While the souvenir vendors were certainly there, the crowds were not, perhaps deterred by the ongoing conflict in neighbouring Syria. But Petra in the flesh turned out to be more spectacular than I ever imagined, and whether walking through the magnificent Siq and standing in front of the famed Treasury, or exploring the lesser-trodden paths of the surrounding mountains, it’s impression will stay with me for a long time to come.


The Siq


The Treasury







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