The lives of women – the black and white story

IMG_5419 copy

Friends squeezed onto a bench, Turkey

Recently I had some images published in the Canadian magazine ‘Room’ which is a collection of art, poetry and stories by women. It was a series of photographs I had taken throughout my travels of fellow women. I wanted to share the images here and the purpose behind the work:

‘As a travel photographer women can be elusive subjects. Children fight to be in front of the lens, men boldly pose for portraits, but women are busy – working, cleaning, mothering. But these are the people I most want to connect with – to know of their dreams and despairs, and to share what is universal to our sex. These images from Madagascar, Mozambique, Myanmar, Turkey and Sri Lanka are part of an exploration into the lives of women around the world – their beauty, strength and compassion.’


Market day, Myanmar


Watching the world go by from the doorstep, Sri Lanka


The vegetable seller, Mozambique


Hauling in the morning catch, Madagascar

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