Arundhati Roy and my inner voice


Each time i come home to Australia i am finding ‘re-entry’ more difficult and the urge to run back to Africa or wherever i have come from pulls at me. I have been reading Arundhati Roy the last days and she articulates so beautifully these feelings that i can’t quite work out in my head about the ‘developed west’ vs the ‘developing’ worlds and where i want to belong. Here she is talking about the US, but i think it is becoming more and more relevant to Australia:

‘….you suddenly get the feeling that here is a country with an economy that thrives on insecurity, on fear, on threats, on protecting what you have – your washing machines, your dishwashers, your vacuum cleaners – from the invasion of killer tomatoes or evil women in saris or whatever other kind of alien…It’s such a sad, lonely, terrible price to pay for creature comforts…In India, we are fighting to retain a wilderness that we have. Whereas in the West, it’s gone. Every person that’s walking down the street is a walking bar code…Everything is civilized and tagged and valued and numbered and put in its place. Whereas in India, the wilderness still exists – the unindoctrinated wilderness of the mind, full of untold secrets and wild imaginings. It’s threatened, but we’re fighting to retain it.’

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