Macro on the mountain


Behind the city of Hobart i live in is a big mountain that looms over the domesticity and daily grind that is carried out below. It is only a short ten minute drive away from my everyday life to be encapsulated in this oasis, surrounded in the greenery of draping epiphytes and billowing ferns descended from ancient ancestors. I have walked these paths many times, seeking relief in the tranquility of this magical world, but a few days ago I went for the first time armed with a macro lens, and a macro lens only. I stopped and looked at plants I’d never considered before, peering in at their complexities and the tiny creatures they harboured.

IMG_0890The thing I love about macro photography is the detail you see in the 2D image, softly focused, that a 3D clear perspective somehow inhibits. Looking at the world in all its dynamic miniature is always humbling.


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