Landscapes amidst the madness

Today I woke to see the top 101 images in the International Landscape Photographer of the Year awards had been published. Amidst a week watching planes being shot out of the sky in Ukraine and neighbours bombing each other to obliteration in Gaza it felt like a breath of fresh air, and something to celebrate and share. Scrolling through these spectacular images of soaring snow-capped peaks, cracked ice sheets, and brooding skies I wondered whether these men in suits sending others off to die, killing the innocent and scarring the lives of those left behind, had ever gone camping as kids. If they had ever climbed mountains, watched shooting stars and auroras, or been immersed in the beauty and wilderness. And if they had, at what point had the greed and power that drives modern day society taken over. At first I wanted to know where each of the unmarked photos had been taken – in what country – but then I realised it didn’t matter. Mother Earth has no political boundaries. Not like the lines in the sand, drawn by European colonisers, that have led Africans to kill Africans, Muslims and Christians to destroy one another, and pitted tribal brothers against each other. Looking at these images the horrors of the world dissipate for a few minutes, and what came before us, and will hopefully remain long after we are gone prevails.

For a moments escape into the beauty of Mother Earth click here:


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