I Bleed Black and Red – Images from West Papua

To support the campaign ‘I Bleed Black and Red’ in solidarity with the people of West Papua, every wednesday I am posting images from my recent trip to this beautiful place. Please support their struggle against oppression under the Indonesian Government at http://www.freewestpapua.org


Paradise, Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua

3 responses to “I Bleed Black and Red – Images from West Papua

  1. Do you think when the West Papua separate from Indonesia, they will be better? I meant by looking how it went with Timor Leste and Papuans do have plenty of tribes. Which tribe will be the ruler if the Papuan separate from Indonesia? Will the tribes united as Papuans or will they maintain their identity as Papuan? I met some Papuans during my recent trip to West Papua and they do have mix feeling about separating from Indonesia. Currently with the new elected president, Jokowi, they feel there will be hope to get better living condition.

  2. oh sorry, typo – I meant will they maintain their identity as their tribes..and please don’t get me wrong with my point of view. I am in for human rights, and condemn all military and corporate action that destroy humanity and environmental issue. However, it makes me sad as well if the separatism movement would benefit only certain group of people in the end. What happens with Aceh was bad and now after the peace reconciliation etc., Aceh becomes the only province in Indonesia with sharia laws that in practice they ignore human rights and women’s rights and that made me angry too.

  3. I agree Indah – it is not always as straight forward as it sounds and considering the problems that arose in Timor Leste the outcomes can, potentially, have negative consequences for the people. But I strongly believe the people of West Papua should have a choice, and a referendum, as to whether they govern themselves and how power is held on their land. They should be benefiting from their resources rather than profits going offshore or into pockets in Jakarta. I hope also that under Jokowi conditions improve, there is increased transparency, freedom of speech is allowed, and perhaps dialogue created to offer a positive solution.

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