The Macro Monologue

There is no shortage of campaigns to save the whales, the dolphins, the giant sequoia tree, the orang-utan, and tropical reefs. But what about the little things? Almost one-third of the world’s crops depend on honeybees for their pollination, ants carry seeds to repopulate forests after natural disasters, and bacteria, fungi and worms are crucial in decomposing dead animals and plants into nutrients to recycle back into the ecosystem. But we rarely hear when their numbers are under threat.
I just bought my first macro lens and venturing into this world is pretty special. The details, the patterns, the expressions that you don’t see from the scale we usually observe from. And their importance is amplified. Without all these tiny cogs working in unison our world would be markedly different. So here are a few images to appreciate the little things…

This is a song about the little things, written by Paul Kelly and Kev Carmody. It is about the Gurindji people’s strike and walk off from the Wave Hill Cattle Station in the NT in 1966, sparking the Indigenous Land Rights movement and resulting in a large portion of land being returned to its indigenous owners. We need to nurture and believe in the little things, because their influence can be bigger than we expect.

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